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SME Magazine

SME Magazine is South East Asia’s best selling business magazine. Dedicated to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, SME Magazine features current news and in-depth analysis, and practical articles and features in everyday language. A rapidly expanding sector, SME companies form the bulk of businesses throughout Asia and is often referred to as the thrust of the new economy.

SME Magazine speaks to the owners and entrepreneurs, people at the driving seats of their respective businesses. With a trendy cover coupled with a creative and refreshing layout, SME is exciting, inspiring and motivating.

Driven by an excellent pool of correspondents and contributors, SME Magazine high quality articles are diversified, detailed and written in a way that gives our readers a global perspective whilst maintaining unique local insight.

HR Asia Magazine

HR Asia targets the new breed of dynamic, mobile HR professionals that are now taking the HR scene in Asia by storm! No longer confined to the stereotypical supporting corporate roles, HR Asia readers are professionals who take leadership at strategic levels, beyond the traditional confines of human resource management functions. HR Asia goes beyond the customary of who’s who reporting to imparting strategic ideas and becoming a learning partner to our readers. We keep our readers informed of the latest benchmarks, best practices and happenings in the Asian HR scene, and empower them to make better decisions for themselves and their organisations.

Capital Asia Magazine

The rise of Asia, led by China, as the new economic superpower heralds a new socioeconomic and political balance unprecedented since World War II. Emerging from this new equation is an elite group of wealth and influential individuals – drivers of the new Asian economy. As the only publication for Chinese-speaking business leaders, Capital Asia is read by the powerful Chinese diaspora that are at the pulse of business throughout Asia.

Capital Asia, the first regional business and investment publication targets these business leaders.


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