Our Brands


Our Group organises large-scale exhibitions such as the MCTF, PGEF and MCF and primarily earns revenue from ticket sales to visitors, attendees and exhibitors. Our Group also presents companies the opportunity to be the event sponsors, thereby allowing these companies to engage directly with the audience and raise their own brand awareness to visitors and attendees of such exhibitions.

Malaysia Career & Training Fair


The MCTF was first organised in 2002, and has since been organised by the Company’s subsidiary, AIC and co-organised by Jobstreet.com Sdn. Bhd. and is now known as “JobStreet.com Malaysia Career & Training Fair”). one of Malaysia’s leading career and training fairs, it is held annually and lasts for two (2) or three (3) days. It is targeted at working professionals aged between 21 and 45 years’ old and attracts hundreds of employers comprising multi-national and public listed companies. More than 2,000 exhibitors had participated since its inception, with approximately [120,000] visitors a year.

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Mega Career Fair


The MCF was first held in 2014 and was originally known as the Mega Job Fair before being renamed in 2015. It targets highly skilled and experienced workers aged between 30 and 50 years’ old and is held in Malaysia.

This large-scale annual career fair attracts over a hundred employer exhibitors each year, and the two (2) or three (3) day fair sees more than 40,000 attendees each year. [In 2020, our Group launched virtual MCF, the virtual career fair platform which connected participants with prospective employers ranging across various industries. Apart from interacting with employers through webinars that were hosted on the platform, a series of presentations and talks were conducted by professionals and industry leaders to provide insight into the recruitment process and assist participants in charting their career paths. Participants may also and glean industry wisdom from them.]

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Post Graduate Education Fair


The PGEF is one of the longest running large-scale education fair in Malaysia for universities and colleges offering post graduate programmes and has been held annually since 2002. The PGEF is also organised by AIC and has had more than 700 local and overseas tertiary institutions participating since its inception. Each year, approximately 35,000 visitors attend the education fair. It lasts for two (2) or three (3) days and features colleges and universities offering a slew of post-graduate programmes such as postgraduate diplomas, master’s degree programmes, and Ph.D. programmes. Participants can look forward to receiving instant replies on any inquiries they have in pursuing further studies and discover different options that are on offer.

The PGEF is held in Malaysia annually, and targets business owners, CEOs, information technology directors, purchasing managers, entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs. [Our Group had also recently launched the virtual PGEF wherein participants may, through the online platform, meet and speak to representatives from over 20 universities and colleges live, via a Whatsapp or video call. Exclusive scholarship opportunities, information on available courses and fees are also listed on the platform by the exhibitors.

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The SME CEO Forum is a gathering of SME business leaders and public sector representatives to facilitate networking and the sharing of knowledge and solutions. It is organised jointly by BMI Malaysia and AIC, and run under the brand of SME Magazine. It was first founded in 2009 and features carefully selected industry speakers, panellists and moderators from both the public and the private sectors. Each year, approximately 500-700 attendees attend the SME CEO Forum.

The SME CEO Forum is held annually in Malaysia and was launched in Singapore in 2020. In October 2020, our Group launched the virtual rendition of the SME CEO Forum through a series of webinars conducted live on Facebook by industry leaders where participants were able to ask questions virtually, with speakers responding to them live.

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Inspired SME


Inspired SME is B2B online and physical learning event named “Inspired SME” which provides SME owners and senior management with up-to-date intelligence on important issues and current trends. It is an exclusive invite-only networking event, first launched in 2018. Each event showcases five (5) to six (6) eminent speakers for the night who give bite-sized talks that last about 10 minutes each. The audience size is restricted to 60 to 70 persons to facilitate networking amongst the participants. Inspired SME is held annually in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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Future HR


Future HR is an invite-only after-hours online and physical learning event for HR professionals and business owners. Set up to be a more casual networking event with bite-sized talks aimed at HR professionals, Future HR serves as a platform for providing HR professionals with up-to-date intelligence on important issues and current trends. It is limited to only 60-70 attendees to facilitate networking amongst the participants.

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SME Solutions Expo


SME Solutions Expo is a trade exhibition which connects SME business owners and decision makers with products, services and solutions that help them perform better as businesses. Exhibitors and sponsors are usually made up of vendors who are keen to introduce and sell their products, services and solutions to SMEs. The SME Solutions Expo usually hosts a series of seminars and presentations to engage with and educate the SME Solutions Expo visitors. [Our Group had also recently launched a virtual rendition of the SME Solutions Expo wherein exhibitors are provided the opportunity to showcase their products virtually to registered participants. Through an online matching platform, SME business owners were able to connect with vendors in private one-to-one virtual meeting rooms. In conjunction with the foregoing, a series of webinars conducted by distinguished speakers across various industries was streamed live on the SME Solutions Expo event page, and Facebook page, accessible to registered visitors and participants of the SME Solutions Expo.

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