Business Intelligence and Growth Analytics


In 2018, our Group developed a proprietary assessment tool named TEAM, which was specially designed to measure the level of employee engagement in any given company. It has been shown that satisfied employees facilitate a company’s success. The fight to recruit and retain top talent is fierce, and if employees are not satisfied in these organisations, they are at risk of being lost to the competition. Given this, more organisations have begun to take employee satisfaction seriously. TEAM provides companies with a better understanding of their workforce’s “core, self and group metrics”. The survey is self-administered by employees online and incorporates specially designed tools to measure an employee’s engagement level at his/her company, through factors such as emotional engagement, behaviour and advocacy, culture and ethics, workplace sentiments, and team dynamics. Using TEAM’s unique algorithm, the system will automatically generate results for the participating companies and compare these results with industry and market averages where available. These results enable HR professionals and practitioners to better understand their workforce. TEAM surveys all aspects of employee experience – training opportunities, immediate supervision and teamwork, senior leadership effectiveness, customer focus and company competitiveness.

There are three levels of employee experience:

  • Essentials (CORE) : Understanding of goals, organising work efficiently, fair compensation and local manager support/supervisory support
  • Emphasis (HEART, SOUL AND MIND – SELF) : training and learning experiences, job empowerment, inclusiveness, sharing of information and work across boundaries, opportunities to excel
  • Excellence (FEEL, THINK AND DO – GROUP) : growth opportunities to excel, trust in senior leadership, customer focus, adaptability to market forces, ongoing change management.

With the introduction of TEAM in 2018, our Group has begun preparations to restructure its Business Intelligence and Growth Analytics Segment by separating it from the Business Impact Assessment and Recognition Segment of our Group’s business. We intend to introduce these analytics to HR Managers in a way that does not overwhelm them with statistics but helps them to measure employee satisfaction and drive performance. Our Group intends to elevate the TEAM methodology and measurement tools to the next level by investing in the right AI, such as predictive analytics and ML, to strengthen its unique predictive algorithm.