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Business Impact Assessment and Recognition

Our Group conducts business impact assessments on companies in connection with its expanding list of business recognition awards, which includes the SME100 Awards, HR Asia Awards and the Golden Bull Award. Utilising a range of research tools, surveys and verification methods, our Group ranks the nominee companies and awards prizes accordingly, and subsequently holds award ceremonies for all the winners. The awards and ceremonies provide recognition for all the nominee companies involved and serve as valuable marketing platforms for the nominee companies to network and grow their businesses. Participation in the HR Asia Awards also entitles nominee companies to a holistic and informative assessment of their employees and human resource practices and allows for useful benchmarking across industries and markets.

HR Asia Best Companies to Work for In Asia

The HR Asia Awards is an awards recognition programme for organisations that have been identified by their employees as one of Asia’s employers of choice and ascertains the best employers to work for. The award is targeted at companies across Asia and recognises companies with the best HR practices and which demonstrate high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures. The high-profile nature of this award attracts applications from Fortune 500 companies, as well as other companies of various types, including multinational corporations and government-linked companies.

Entry to the HR Asia Awards also entitles the nominee company to a holistic and informative assessment of the applicant’s HR practices and employees, with our Group administering its proprietary TEAM assessment on the applicant’s employees. The award also allows for benchmarking of results across industries and across markets. Importantly, the award promises winners a powerful tool of branding, allowing them to build their brand as a desirable employer and helping them attract and retain top talents.

The awards ceremony for the HR Asia Awards is held annually in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, PRC, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In 2020, work has begun to expand the award to South Korea and the UAE. Further expansion into Japan and Myanmar in 2021.

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SME100 Awards

The SME100 Awards is a business recognition awards programme recognising and celebrating fast-growing and the most innovative SMEs in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore across 20 selected industries. It has grown into an award which attracts applications and nominations from hundreds of companies each year and is well known among SME business owners and decision makers.

Based on independent research conducted by our editorial team, our Group ranks and publishes in our SME Magazine the recipients of the SME100 Awards in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore based on a basket of quantitative and qualitative criteria with a focus on growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision). Awardees are featured in a special edition of SME Magazine, and get to participate in other programmes under the SME100 Framework.

The target audience of this award is business owners and CEOs of SMEs. Our Group has begun work to extend the SME100 Awards programme to Vietnam in 2020 and intends to expand into more countries.

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Golden Bull Award

One of Malaysia’s first business awards, the Golden Bull Award, honours top-performing SMEs. Nominees are entered into one of three (3) main award categories – Emerging SMEs, Outstanding SMEs, and Super Golden Bull – with these categories based on the annual revenue of the nominees.

The prestigious Golden Bull Award was first launched and organised in 2003 by a Malaysian Chinese newspaper with the name《南洋商报》(Nanyang Siang Pau). It recognises the SMEs’ contributions to the nation’s economy and provides awardees with the opportunity to participate in an international trade fair for SMEs held at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Auditors of the Golden Bull Award will collect and submit nomination forms for the Golden Bull Award to an independent panel of industry representatives first, before co-evaluating the same with the industry representatives. Out of the pool of nominees, only a selected few will be awarded with a Golden Bull Award.

The Golden Bull Award was subsequently acquired by a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings Limited. In 2016, our Group, through BMI Malaysia, entered into the Sphere Partnership Agreement with Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings Limited, to re-launch the Golden Bull Award. Pursuant to the terms of the Sphere Partnership Agreement, BMI Malaysia and Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd will jointly organise the Golden Bull Award in Malaysia, Singapore and such other countries as mutually agreed by parties to the Sphere Partnership Agreement. Since then, the award has been conducted annually. The Golden Bull Award’s target audience comprises of business owners, management and partners of SMEs. Additionally, the Golden Bull Award ceremony hosts over 1,000 attendees each year and is held in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2020, our Group will also be expanding the award to PRC and Taiwan.

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CXP Awards

When Wroe Alderson, father of modern marketing, introduced to the world the importance of market segmentation, niche marketing and branding; the computer as we know it was yet to be invented. By contrast, customer service would have existed for thousand of years by then, only to be overshadowed by its sexier cousin – ‘marketing’. Over the next five decades, marketing would have so eclipsed the customer as the focus of companies, that customer service was relegated to greetings and phone support. Save for some lights in this darkness, customer experience became transactional.

Customer Experience is seeing a rebound in importance, as it rightly should. The world woke up to the fact that customers must rightly be at the heart of every organisation. And any organisation.

The internet, e-commerce (and mobile commerce) and social media has flattened the value proposition for brands. Products and services (and brands by extension) have become increasingly commoditised.

The key differentiator for most companies and all brands has shifted to customer experience. And there’s no turning back. Customer Experience is the new Marketing.

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